28. How Google Places Can Help a Small Business or Organisation
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  • January 28, 2012
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Before the inception of the internet, consumers relied heavily on phone books, newspapers and magazines in order to search out businesses. However; these means can be time consuming and unreliable. For example; those directories which are published yearly list many companies under the same heading, it may take time looking through the listings and a few phone calls to establish those closest to you.

The internet has fast become the most popular way in which to locate businesses as customers can find several companies in their area, relating to their requirements in just a few seconds. Google is one of the most used internet search engines and can offer a business an optimised business place page (Google Places) which can help them benefit from consumers using Google to locate their trade.

Google Places is a Free Service

Google Places is a free listing that not only helps businesses get found but allows them to offer potential customers so much more than just their company name, address, telephone number etc… Those using Google Places can upload photographs, videos, vouchers, customer reviews and so much more in order to inform customers of as much as possible, therefore standing a better chance of generating new and maintaining existing clientele.

Google Places Benefits from Optimisation

When creating a Google Places page optimisation is vital, search results displayed to a customer rely heavily on keywords and you should list as much information as possible. The best way to achieve this is not only with the use of photos and offers etc… but to ensure all keywords relating to what you can offer are specified.

Google Places Helps with Mobile Search

Using Google Places can also benefit businesses in respect of other technology. “Smart Phones” are fast becoming the latest trend in mobile phone technology and research has shown that ninety percent of owners have used their phone to conduct a search for a local business through Google. There are also numerous applications available with this technology that offer customers enticements such as vouchers and special offers for dealing with local businesses.

Keeping track of how the listing for your business is performing on Google is valuable information. When using Google Places, you will have a personalised dashboard that will show you information such as how often you were located on Google and from what areas customers are from. These and the other features of Google Places will help a business make more informed choices about how they interact with their customers and how they can get found on Google.

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