33. Why a small business needs to make the most of client reviews
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  • March 8, 2012
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When looking to purchase a product or use a specific service, many of us like to know that that the company and the product or service on offer is going to benefit us by way of things like quality, customer service and in some circumstances, after care such as warranties and maintenance. In order to gain knowledge in these areas we like to refer those who have already had experience with what we are looking to purchase.


Many companies will publish testimonials from the clients but how often do you see a negative review on a company’s website or within their other marketing materials? No-one likes to broadcast when a customer has had a bad experience or that their product is not all it’s cracked up to be.


With the introduction of the World Wide Web came a whole new way for companies for market their products. We no longer need to wait for a local directory or newspaper to be published or for an advert to appear between television programs. We now have instant access to millions of companies, products and services worldwide.


Further to this, social media websites like Facebook have not only changed the way we communicate with other socially but have also allowed us to express our opinions by way of forums and reviews on pretty much anything and everything and this includes the products and services we buy and use every day.


Many of us now refer to the masses rather than the few by way of these social media websites in order to build up a view on and ascertain if we would like to purchase a product or service. Client reviews are a powerful marketing tool; they give you independent opinions from other clients that have already used what you have an interest in and not just the company marketing it.


A lot of companies like Amazon that sell products from multiple manufacturers and businesses have taken on board just how important a tool crowd sourcing is and have adapted their websites so that both positive and negative responses can be left.


All companies small and large should embrace this approach as even if the response from a client is negative, honest feedback will help them review on a regular basis the products and services they have to offer, how their personnel are interacting with their clients but most importantly they will be able to implement changes in order to improve their products and services.

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