44. Online payments options for small business
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  • August 11, 2012
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How we shop has changed considerably since the inception of the Internet and the World Wide Web. We no longer have to shop in-store, as most items we will ever need are now available to order on-line. I love this way of purchasing goods. I no longer have to have the children traipsing alongside me when I shop for things that are of absolutely no interest to them which in turn means I no longer get stressed because they have become bored and I don’t have to put up with constant questions like “Can I have “and “Can we go home yet”.


There will always be those items that I will venture into a shop to peruse before purchasing; however; for the most part, I can search different on-line shops, compare prices and even get honest product reviews from those who have purchased before me in the comfort of my own home. Then with little more than a click of a button I get to sit back and relax until the postman rings my doorbell with my new purchase.


For many small businesses the thought of what may involved in setting up their website in order to afford their customers the ability shop online may seem daunting and expensive, however; this does not need to be the case. PayPal has no set up or monthly fees and is a cost effective, easy to utilize option that more and more companies are using in order to accept on-line payments from their customers.


Setting up a PayPal account is done on-line and is free. Within a matter of minutes a consumers can begin to make purchases and businesses can have a number of “one-click” buttons added to their website. From, buy it now, shopping carts, and gift vouchers to monthly subscriptions there is an option for every consumer need.


Credit and debit card payments, bank transfers and email payments are made and received through PayPal without the need of either party having to disclose their banking details and with the security measures PayPal have in place both consumer and merchant can rest assured that every transaction is secure. Payment from one account to another is pretty much instantaneous with PayPal fees only being taken as and when a transaction occurs which are relative to the purchase amount.


PayPal offers all its businesses free tools with which to manage and measure their business effectively and consumers a comprehensive history of their transactions. PayPal is one of the leading companies in respect of this type of payment service and they can boast companies such as EBay, iTunes and Toys R Us among their clientele.


There are other companies such as PayPoint and SagePay amongst others offering on-line payment options for small businesses, so depending on needs for both consumer and merchant it would be prudent for  any business to research all these companies have to offer in order to ensure the highest quality shopping experience for their clientele.


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