47. How Infographics Can Help Your Small Business
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  • September 9, 2012
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Marketing information of products and services to potential customers requires innovative and stimulating ways with which to present it so that it not only attracts as many people as possible but that it holds their interest. With technology continuing to advance on an almost daily basis there are more and more ways becoming available to put our businesses in the path of consumers yet on the other hand this means that as consumers are offered more information, there is more for them organise and collate.


Using Infographics as a way to present content is becoming more and more popular lately as they are a visually effective tool that if created well are intriguing, and compelling whilst providing all the necessary information to fulfil the consumers needs.


So what are Infographics? They have been in use for a long time; one of the most recognised uses of Infographics in the UK is the map of the London Underground.  Could you imagine how much longer it would take us to analyse and have an understanding of a journey we need to take if all that information was given to us in a long hand written format?


Using Infographics can make the reader pay attention and if you have their attention then they will continue to take in information and share this information more.


There are many motivating reasons for businesses to use infographics as part of their marketing strategy.


  • People enjoy reading information that enables them to learn from and gather information for their needs. Add to this visually stimulating images and the content will be worth sharing with others as it is even more compelling. This can increase traffic to websites and applications.


  • If created effectively like the map for the London Underground system, your infographic can be downloaded and saved or scanned with ease and with many people able to retain images in their memory easier than loads and loads of writing; your information could be retained in someone’s memory a lot longer.


  • If you allow your infographic to be shared from your website, blog or an application, then it can be embedded with code so there will always be an automatic link from the site sharing it back to yours. This can again increase the amount of traffic seeing your business and the products and services you have to offer.


  • Infographics can be used with any and all types of marketing whether it is via the internet or printed matter such as leaflets and magazines.


  • If you have created an infographic which shows you are proven in its subject matter and provide clear demonstration of your knowledge and expertise then not only will you increase the potential for new clients but your infographic could go viral. This could have a positive nock on effect with your SEO and increase your rankings with search engines on the internet and heighten awareness for your brand of product and services.