50. How using Flickr can help your small business
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  • September 24, 2012
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Flickr is a fantastic way with which to showcase any and all images that represent your business from photographs of products, social company events to trade fairs and much more. By allowing such images to be searchable on Flickr, you can create more exposure for your business.

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Traffic can be driven to your own company website as Flickr gives you the option to upload a slideshow you have created onto your own site and for those companies using blog hosts such as Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr and Live Journal there is the option to post images automatically onto your company blog. Both these options will be catching the attention of visitors and showcasing your company immediately.

Integrated with this is the ability to attach a Title, Description and Keyword Tags to every photograph. Whilst Flickr is linked to the search engine Yahoo a well built site on Flickr where photographs have been optimised for search engines and been used creatively for marketing purposes will benefit your business through other search engines such as Google and more.

Flickr has become a fantastic resource for any person or company searching out stock photography for their blog or website. No matter what your company has to write about there will be photographs available to accompany any web content or blog.

If one of your goals as a company is to establish your business as an expert in your field, along with building recognition of your brand and creating working relationships and goodwill, then you may want to consider providing your own company photographs as stock photography via Flickr. Creating a Flickr account consisting of photographs which are interesting and engaging will encourage other people and companies to want to use your photographs.

The fact that you can store and categorise all photographs within a Flickr account has meant that telling your company story visually has never been easier. Your clients and staff can add to your archive by sharing their memories and experiences of your company which in turn can be used to market your business.

Flickr can also be used in conjunction with many social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, therefore, no matter your preferred choice for connecting with potential clients, the sky really is the limit with what you could potentially achieve by using Flickr.

Click to view the Digital Ark Flickr page. If you would like help setting up Flickr or for us to Do It For You, visit our contact page and send us an e-mail.