51. How the use of Photobucket can benefit a small business
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  • September 26, 2012
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Photobucket allows you to host all your photographs, videos and graphics for free and then share them with customers and colleagues by way of email or social networking sites like MySpace, Twitter and Facebook. A Photobucket account will provide safe storage for thousands of images and videos and allows you to use them in various different ways.

Along with email and social networking sites, your images can be shared with existing and potential clients on any website, blog or forum by simply copying and pasting the relative links.

The free account affords its users up to 500 Megs of storage space and provides for 10 Gigs worth of bandwidth per month. You can create numerous albums and sub-albums in a Photobucket account and reference them with identifying tags. You can choose to share single pictures or an entire album of images and are given the option of keeping any of your content private.

For businesses that require larger amounts of storage space, there is the option to pay a nominal amount per year which will provides a Pro Account with unlimited bandwidth for video viewing and photos. This type of account will also allow for a reasonable amount of business use for sales sites and others like eBay and then charge you for any additional image hosting.

For businesses that use branding merchandise for their clients such as t-shirts, cards and mugs, an account with Photobucket will offer the ability to order this merchandise through them after having been able to edit the images therefore saving on the cost of having to employ a sales site to make any changes.

Pro Account users can also take advantage of provided statistics which will afford an insight into which websites their images are being viewed though and the amount of times every image has been seen. This helps a company determine which web pages are performing well for the company by way of the number of visitors it is receiving as they have been attracted by a certain image.