52. Use of Panoramio for small business
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  • September 28, 2012
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Panoramio is a tool owned by Google which affords the user help in including images as part of this approach but what makes this tool unlike other image sharing tools?

Various studies have proved that using images online can have the effect of engaging the user and holding their attention quicker than just using plain text. With this in mind, it would be prudent for any business in ensure that images are incorporated as part of their websites, blogs and any other online marketing and company branding strategies.

With Panoramio there is the facility to exhibit a symbol on a map, which will correspond to the place that the image in question was taken. This is fantastic for any business when a potential client asks questions about your business, for example; “Can you make available details of where your current customers are serviced or situated?” Rather than just offer a directory of areas or addresses, they can be accompanied by images which will help them connect more easily with the text.

Other capabilities of Panoramio are that you can effortlessly share your images on social networking sites such as Google Buzz and Twitter which will help increase awareness of your brand, products and services. GEO modifiers can be attached to an image which will help direct more traffic to your online marketing tools where people are specifically looking for your location.

There are also photographic communities within Panoramio. These groups are a place where like minded people can share images and have discussions about topics that they are enthusiastic about. These groups will help ensure that your business is connecting with and maintaining relationships with people that will want to be informed and kept up to date with what products and services you can provide.

Panoramio is free and easy to use and they provide a comprehensive resource section which will ensure that any user of Panoramio can reap the benefits to the fullest extent.

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