3. Local mobile search in action
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  • March 9, 2011
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Perhaps you are still unsure on the practical uses of Local Mobile Search?

I would like to share a recent, personal experience that may help……

My family and I have just been on a family holiday to Bognor Regis (based on south coast the England for international readers). Now you can’t go to the seaside without having fish and chips at least once. So while my wife got our son to sleep, I was tasked with going and getting the fish and chips for supper.

Now I could have just strolled into Bognor Regis town center and walk around until I found a fish and chip shop and then hoped it served good, clean food.

Because I know the power of Local Mobile Search, I got out my iPhone, opened the Google Places application, typed in “fish and chips” and hit search. Hey presto I had 6 nearby locations.  I looked at the nearest one and it had 4.5 stars as a Google review, I then looked at the next one (called Lindens), it had 5 stars. So I used the Google map to guide me.

I ordered cod and chips twice, the staff were friendly and the fish and chips were superb (as stated in the reviews).

After finishing my fish and chip supper, I used my iPhone to post another 5 star review for Lindens – success leads to more success (or business in this case).

It did make me think how many fish and chip shops lost out on chance to get my business as not set up for Local Mobile Search and did not appear when I entered my search into my iPhone.

So what can we earn this real world experience.

  1. Being set up for Local Mobile Search is critical, without it you not even the race.
  2. Having (good) reviews gives you better chance other listed businesses.

If you would like more information that can help your business take a look at free resources

All in all I was very happy it helped add to enjoyment of great family holiday.

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